MGA BAYANING THIRD WORLD: Mula 1521 Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Mundo!

"Nang pinatay ni Magellan si Lapu-Lapu sa Mactan noong 1521, sumambulat ang Espiritu ng Kabayanihan sa lahat ng dako ng Kalawakan at Panahon, isang dakilang puwersa na bumunsod sa kapanganakan ng Ikatlong Mundo ng mga Pambihirang Bayani ng Pilipinas! Nakalimutan mo na ba kung sino sila? Puwes, muling balikan ang kanilang mga kagila-gilalas na pakikipagsapalaran mula sa Pagkamatay ng Unang Bayani hanggang sa Pagkamatay ng Amang Araw sa teks-serye na'to mula kina Adam David at Mervin Malonzo!"

Nagsimula ang ideya ng teks-serye nung makita ko ang magandang feedback ng mga tao sa mga bookmarks na ginawa ko na naglalarawan ng mga creatures at deities na ginuhit ko para sa Alejandro Pardo at Alternative Alamat.

Naisip kong gumawa ng cards na puro Philippine myth creatures at dieties na may kasamang description sa likod tapos ang hitsura ay parang tarot cards. Masayang project ito na pwede ko pagkaabalahan sa pagitan ng mga mas malalaking projects tulad ng TABI PO 3. Kaya naisipan kong ipropose ito kay Adam David na palagi kong ka-partner sa mga akda ko at nagustuhan niya naman agad ang ideya. Pareho kaming natuwa sa concept kasi para pa rin siyang komiks na imahe at salita pa rin na may pagkakasunod-sunod at kuwento. Ang sinabi ko lang sa kanya, sana ang bawat isang teks ay may kuwento pero pag kinolekta mo silang lahat may isang mas malaking kuwento na makikita para maengganyo ang mga tao na kolektahin at siyempre para exciting din sa amin na gawin. Para kasing gumawa kami ng kakaibang paraan ng pagkukuwento na hindi katulad ng mga karaniwang paraan na tulad ng sa komiks at mga nobela. 

Nag-isip kami ng mga serye na pwedeng gawin bukod sa Philippine myth dahil sabi nga ni Adam sa akin, itong temang ito naman lagi ang ginagawa ko. Kaya binanggit ko na magandang gawin ito sa isa pa naming proyekto na Terrorium kasi pwede naming i-catalog ang mga species ng mga halamang kumakain ng tao na nasa kuwentong yun.

Pero sa bandang huli, nagpasya kami sa temang Superhero sa Pinas para maiba naman sa mga karaniwang ginagawa namin. Hindi ako nagbabasa ng Marvel at DC dahil andami-dami na nila at sa totoo lang sawa na ako sa aesthetic ng mga drawings dun kaya di ako naaattract. Pero magandang exercise talaga ito sa akin para masubukan kung kaya ko bang magdisenyo ng mga superheroes kaya excited akong simulan ito. Si Adam naman ay may mga nakabangko nang ideas dating-dati pa na magagamit niya sa proyektong ito. Kaya agad namang nagsend si Adam ng listahan ng mga tauhan na may kasamang maiiksing description: 

* Ang Kagila-gilalas na Doktor Luna (technological, 1880s to 1920s) - Steampunk Luna in a steampunk salon in a steampunk train carriage surrounded by steampunk gadgets preparing him tea and biscuits ... play him up as a Pinoy Oscar Wilde, so dandy playboy polysexual steampunk hero ... turn of the century steampunk Iron Man

* Heneral Awtomatonio Luna (technological, 1880s to 2000s) - Steampunk robot Heneral Luna, interchangeable arms and fists, steam vents around back, hair and moustache painted on to brass metal head and face, lots of tubes and dials and levers managing steam pressure (in my head, he looks a bit like Warlock from NEW MUTANTS, mimic that visual busy chaos) ... maybe have him slaughtering hundreds of American soldiers in various ways, all these robotic arms coming out of his body holding guns, torches, bolos, pistols, etc?

* Kain - noble savage - (vigilante, 1920s to 1950s) - haciendero woman scion, lost in the woods as a baby, brought up by lost colony of women Ilongot headhunters, leads anti-Japanese anti-American war in mountains up north, talks to animals, talks to the winds, talks to trees and mountains - chunky tall woman with tribal tattoos on arms and shoulders and bow & arrows and machetes ... shrunken heads tied to the hilt of her swords, she wears necklaces of teeth, her teeth are black and black ash is smeared around eyes, bare breasted - second coming of Boadica, basically > < this girl as a grown-up, from mid-20s to late 50s

* Kaptan Adlawan - sun god - (cosmic, mystical, 1930s to 1960s) - Visayan newspaper boy helping out an old man after getting mugged in the street being bestowed the broken hilt of Lapu-Lapu's enchanted kampilan (looking like a crucifix) that would turn him into a superpowered musclebound hero helping out the downtrodden and the beleagured, musclebound 30-something brown-skinned man, long black hair which we don't see much because Adlawan always has a sun-like halo around his head, his costume is skin-tight, yellow and white, with intricate Visayan tattoos ... Adlawan is basically Lapu-Lapu as Superman.

* Mag. Giting (technological, vigilante, 1940s to 2000s) - WW2 hero, American-sponsored, enhanced by super serum, wearing patriotic costume based on formal military uniform with rank of major, armed with a pistol and a shield emblazoned with the Philippine flag mashed-up with military major icon, has a rifle slung on his back, wears a helmet, ammo belt, some grenades ... maybe have him punching out a Japanese general?

* Mag. Giliw - (vigilante, 1940s to 1970s) - Mag. Giting's sidekick, rose through the ranks because of intelligence, master tactician, expert sniper, Mag. Giting's childhood friend, the brains of the team, eventually betrays Mag. Giting during Martial Law, whatever Mag. Giting's costume's colour scheme is, Mag. Giliw's is the reverse, except for the yellows and other colours - reds are blues, blues are reds, he carries a sniper rifle longer than he is tall

* Tulisan - (1940s to 1960s) - richboy daredevil wanting to be a cop, gets a team of engineers to devise novelty guns for him to use to defeat criminals, guns that shoot nets, guns that shoot shuriken, guns that shoot fire, guns that shoot bombs, guns that shoot smoke, guns that shoot arrows, guns that shoot water, guns that shoot handcuffs, guns that shoot soundwaves, guns that shoot oil, guns that shoot etc etc, he has a gun for everything ... I'm thinking he should look like an outlaw from the wild wild west, with a cowboy hat and a bandana covering his face, and maybe a domino mask, too, with a dozen holsters around his hip and around his legs

* Haliya - moon goddess - (1950s to 1980s) - provincial lass finding a piece of meteor in the ground somewhere which somehow digs itself into her forehead like a pearl bindi, backstory is there is a colony of Amazonian aliens hidden in the moon, their essences distilled into tiny meteor stones, one of whom - their princess - was exiled to Earth, some members of this civilisation we'll eventually meet in one of the cards as Kinalakihan

* Blue Bangaw - mutant geek - (1960s to 1990s) - boy genius stumbling upon his own super serum distilled from the common blowfly, altering his body on the level of the DNA, giving him heightened senses, reflexes, and strength, giving him limited flight (more like agile nimble very long jumps from one surface to another) ... I see him wearing a costume that looks like the Blue Beetle's, the pattern of a bangaw carapace and wings stylised over the costume ... thinking it should be blue, too? Bangaw blue with some orange-brown? Wondering if we give him a full face mask, or just a half-mask, with the mouth exposed

* Mister Mind - (mutant, 1960s to 1990s) - human rights activist becomes militant after Plaza Miranda bombing triggers dormant mutant power, power lay dormant because of polio vaccine then bomb triggers power which triggers activation of polio rendering him cripple again, his powers being telepathy and mind control, eventually forms militant mutant group called Underground Humanity or UGH, exiled in Europe but controls operations in Manila via telepathy

* Paniqui - anting-anting-empowered vigilante (mystical, cosmic, vigilante, late 70s to late 80s) - legacy character, representation of resistence through generations, spirit of vengeance, ghost of dead labour leader killed in Tarlac, urban character but with rural roots, two guns, never misses, bulletproof, jumps and shoots and runs on walls and ceilings a la MATRIX, returns to the dead when death is avenged but this time vengeance is elusive because primary killer is big boss from the mob so he needs to kill the mob first before finally gaining access to mob boss himself

Pamilya Panalo, mga Kalaban ng Kababalaghan - elemental superhero family - thinking they should have superhero uniforms made of quantum molecules (indefinite state of matter) that change as they change states - thinking their powers are based on the table of elements, so the Earth elemental can change his matter into any type of solid state element in the periodic table (rocks, metals), the Air elemental can change her matter into any type of liquid state element in the periodic table (so combination of, say, one part hydrogen and two parts oxygen), etc etc. I'm thinking their card art should be continuous, will form a whole picture if laid out on a row on the table. Still deciding if we should set the image inside a laboratory or outside, in some extreme natural phenomenon like a volcano eruption or a tsunami approaching or holding up buildings during an earthquake or fighting against gale force winds ... siguro yun na lang.

  •  Pedro Panalo - (mutant, cosmic, mid 80s to 2000s) - Earth - dad in treasure hunter family looking for Yamashita's gold in Mount Banahaw, gets trapped in cave-in then triggers an ancient device left by aliens that endows them with elemental powers
  •  Paulo Panalo - (mutant, cosmic, mid 80s to 2000s) - Fire - twin brother in treasure hunter family looking for Yamashita's gold in Mount Banahaw, gets trapped in cave-in then triggers an ancient device left by aliens that endows them with elemental powers
  •  Priscilla Panalo - (mutant, cosmic, mid 80s to 2000s) - Water - mom in treasure hunter family looking for Yamashita's gold in Mount Banahaw, gets trapped in cave-in then triggers an ancient device left by aliens that endows them with elemental powers
  •  Paula Panalo - (mutant, cosmic, mid 80s to 2000s) - Air - twin sister in treasure hunter family looking for Yamashita's gold in Mount Banahaw, gets trapped in cave-in then triggers an ancient device left by aliens that endows them with elemental powers

* Matilda (vigilante, technological, early 90s) - big hulking woman in ski mask and trenchcoat with a lot of guns and brass knuckles and bowie knives, gets injured a lot so body is scarred and burned in a lot of places, a former hitwoman repaying a life debt by taking care of dead partner's family, but failed so now taking care of dead partner's only living son - costume is mainly blue and black and grey with dull gold and silver highlights (belt buckle, brass knuckles, guns, steel cap toe boots)

* Leo (vigilante, early 90s) - small boy in early teens wearing hoodie and shorts and Doc Martens armed with a lot of knives and bludgeoning instruments and one pistol with a silencer, balisong and baseball bats - costume is mainly red, yellow, and green

* Hesus Kalbaryo - urban albularyo (mystical, early 90s) - psychogeographer, city walker, city whisperer, probability controller, uncanny power of synchronicity where things just align to make things happen, Uwak representative of warlock coven war, manages to be on the right place at the right time to make things happen, teaching Maria Cafra the ropes of the mystical trade, likes to chainsmoke nganga tabako et al, Maria Cafra's father's sworn enemy, secretly Cafra's uncle who caused Cafra's father's death

* Maria Cafra - aswang hunter (mystical, cosmic, early 90s) - legacy character, father was mystical soldier, now she's taking on the mantle after having avoided it for so long after father's brutal murder, reluctant heiress apparent of warlock warlord position in an underground coven waging war against supernatural evil for some reason amassing strength in the last decade or so prepping to take over the world, so forces of evil are out to get her, so now she's being protected and tutored by Hesus Kalbaryo

* Tukarok - aswang turned heroine (mystical, early 90s) - succubus type of character, hundreds of years old but looks mid-20s, turns into actual giant Nightjar bird at will, has hidden agenda about helping Kalbaryo from the shadows (unknown to Cafra), a minor member of aswang royalty, set to install own mother to throne ... I'm seeing her as elegantly dressed in a lace and feathers, strikes sharp shadows shaped like birds, like a Jae Lee drawing come to life.

* EVENT CARD 01: 1940, the forming of HUK, a superhero assault team to fight the Japanese soldiers in the Philippines circa WW2, featuring Awtomatonio Luna (side by side with the brain of Juan Luna), Kain, Kaptan Adlawan, Mag. Giting, Mag. Giliw, and Tulisan - have them rushing towards hundreds of Japanese soldiers - Awtomatonio Luna at the back looking like a tank blasting soldiers away with cannons and turrets, Kain chopping heads off, Kaptan Adlawan flying and burning soldiers with solar laser eyes, Mag. Giting and Mag. Giliw punching up soldiers by the platoons, and Tulisan shooting at soldiers with a flamer gun and an acid gun while riding Awtomatonio Luna

Ito lang ang naging basehan ko sa pagdrodrowing. Napagpasyahan ko na ang gagamitin kong istilo sa pagdrodrowing ay iba-iba dahil malawak ang timeline ng unibersong ginagawa namin dito (mula 1521 hanggang sa dulo ng mundo!) kaya naisip kong ibagay ang istilo sa panahon kung kailan nabuhay ang mga Bayani. Halimbawa, kay Juan Luna, ginawa kong mukhang painting niya ang imahe; Kay Alyas Paniqui naman, parang yung hitsura nung mga painted billboard noon; Si Haliya, sinubukan kong gayahin ang istilo ni Nestor Redondo sa paggawa niya kay Darna na siyang instruction naman talaga sa akin ni Adam. Minsan si Adam nga ang nagdidikta ng istilong gagamitin sa bawat tauhan. Ideya niya na Frank Miller aesthetic kay Matilda at Leo. Si Jack Kirby naman ang istilo para kay Captain America-look-a-like na si Mag. Giting. Narito ang ilang mga proseso ng paggawa ko sa mga bayani:

Nagkamali ako sa pagsasabing kaya ko itong gawin sa pagitan ng mas malalaking proyekto kasi talagang pinagtuunan ko na rin ng panahon at pagod ito dahil gusto namin itong mailabas agad sa darating na Summer Komikon sa April 1. Kasalukuyang nasa printing shop ito at mukhang aabot naman.

May categorization din kaming naisip sa bawat teks.

​Mutant, Cosmic, Mystical, Vigilante, at Technological.

Pinakahuli kong ginawa ay 'yung logo. Simple lang naman ang disenyo. Ang "kamaong kidlat" ang sumisimbolo sa salitang "bayani" at ang tatlong magkakapatong na bilog ay ang tatlong mundo sa salitang "third world" dahil sa literal na ikatlong mundo nakatira ang mga bayani sa unibersong ito.

Talagang seryosong binabalik namin ang mga collectible cards noong 90s. Pati ang disenyo na may metallic foil logo ay gagawin din namin dito. Gusto din naming matibay ito kaya sa mas matibay na makapal na papel namin ito pinapaprint. Talagang premium na art object kumbaga. Kaya Sana marami kayong tumangkilik at mag-enjoy sa Teks-serye naming ito.

Libreng-libre niyo ring mababasa at makikita ang content ng teks sa website ng Haliya Publishing ( na dinesenyo ko para magaya ang aktwal na magiging hitsura niya sa printed version.

Unang set pa lang ito. Abangan ang mga susunod!

At dahil hindi naman namin kayang isa-komiks ang lahat ng ito, hinihikayat din pala namin ang ibang mga komikero na gamitin ang mga tauhan na ginawa namin sa sarili nilang komiks o gumawa ng fan fiction. Basta hindi kayo malaking kumpanya o korporasyon, pwedeng-pwedeng gamitin ang mga ito basta ang output ay zine. Gusto lang sana namin na may credit kami ni Adam David at Haliya Publishing bilang may-katha ng mga tauhan at bigyan kami ng kopya.

Heto ang isang fan art na gawa ni Balasanos Bryan mula sa facebook:

Magiging available itong unang set sa darating na Summer Komikon sa April 1 (hindi ito joke!). At magiging available din sa Sana ay suportahan niyo kami para maipagpatuloy namin ito. Marami pa kaming balak sa proyektong ito.

UPDATE: Available na po ito ngayon for pre-order sa